Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ABC, Lucasfilm, Television Shows & Bad Headlines

Yesterday Entertainment Weekly ran an interview with the president of ABC entertainment, Channing Dungey, to discuss the new year and what is in store for the network. One of the questions asked was about the possibility of a Star Wars show. Dungey had mentioned last fall there had been talks about one between the two divisions of Disney.

Dungey in the interview with EW cooled off any possibility of a live action show coming to ABC in the near future. She said the comments she made at TCA in the fall of last year got blown out of proportion. While ABC and Lucasfilm have talked and ABC would still like a show (duh), nothing is in the works.

It was with great surprise when I saw today articles from IGN and a few other websites stating a project between Lucasfilm and ABC was still in the works. I clicked on the IGN article and found it linking back to the EW article from yesterday. This was greatly misconstruing the facts from the EW article. There is no show in development and while they have talked, and who wouldn't, nothing is on the horizon.

The article from IGN is clickbait pure and simple, and good on them for getting me to click, but I'm now less likely to click on their articles. I used to frequent IGN on a daily basis, but now rarely visit them due to more and more articles like this.

ABC would of course love to put a live action Star Wars show on their network, but Dungey smartly tried to put any fires out she started last fall with her interview. IGN instead stoked the flames, and in my opinion this is faulty journalism. Yes it's entertainment journalism, but stories like this are misleading  I understand needing to drive people to the site, but in the end this type of article turns people away.

Let me know what you think about a Star Wars live action show and what network it should be on.

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