Thursday, January 19, 2017

Will Professor Xavier Die (Again) in Logan?

The final trailer for the upcoming third Wolverine film starring Hugh Jackman, Logan, dropped and it looks simply fantastic. The film looks to change gears from a normal superhero story and give the audience something different. 

The film looks great, but will it give the audience a proper send off for a beloved character, Professor X, and the actor who first portrayed him in Patrick Stewart? I can't think of anyone who was happy with the way he was killed off in X-Men 3, and bringing him back for Days of Future Past opened up the possibility for him to be shown in this film. I think he will most certainly die at some point during this film, and the way different scenes are framed in the the first two trailers lead me to this belief. 

There are a few scenes without Professor X in the woods, and in the first trailer it looks like Logan is burying something after a fight. My guess would be they try to save Charles and are not able to, which leads to Wolverine and X-23 trying to exact revenge for the rest of the movie. 

Logan is loosely based off the Old Man Logan comic, and while Charles is not alive in that series but bringing him back here allows for proper closure. Patrick Stewart deserves this for how fantastically he portrayed the character in the first two X-Men films. He was still good in the third, even though it was horribly done. I think at some point both Charles and Logan will die in the film and  X-23 will take over the mantle of Wolverine. Though the filmmakers could be making it look like both characters will die from what we have seen, and not follow through, but from the tone they are setting I doubt this. 

Logan is one of my most anticipated films for 2017 and each trailer has gotten me more excited for the film, like any good trailer should.  This will probably be the last time Patrick Stewart plays the role, and possibly Hugh Jackman as well (He's going to be in Deadpool 2, come one we all know it). Each character and actor should get a proper death for how they have carried the torch for the characters over the past seventeen years. 

Do you think Professor X will be killed off? What about Jackman's Wolverine? Comment and let me know. 

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