Monday, December 12, 2016

Assassin’s Creed Final Trailer - Review/Discussion: Finally

The last and final trailer for the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie was the best to come out for the video game adaptation film. There was no strange song choice and the film highlighted more of what the story will be about. 

The most exciting thing about adapting Assassin's Creed into a film is how interesting the world the game created. Being able to access your ancestors history and experience/control them through a machine is, for lack of a better word, cool. As a history nut and a huge science fiction fan, combining both of these worlds is right up my ally. 

I was a big fan of the first three Assassin's Creed games and while the last couple didn't interest me, the overall concept still does. The game naturally lends itself to a movie adaptation and it's exciting the movie is telling it's own story instead of trying to do a straight adaptation from the first few games. There does seem to be similarities between the first movie and game, but it takes place in a different time period and location. 

I am still hesitant about the film. There hasn't been a good video game adaptation and I'll believe it when I actually see it. The biggest issue is how they are using the action. They shouldn't be beholden to the action from the game. The action should be a natural development from the story and what makes the most sense for the movie, not for a game being adapted to a film There is no need to try and incorporate every type of action the game provides. The film already has a built in fan base from the people who played the game, they aren't going to be disappointed if it doesn't include certain types of game mechanics. I'm worried they will put CG action into the film to try and make the action look and feel like the game when it isn't needed. 

The movie has an all star cast and a good director. Hopefully the studio is behind whatever vision the team came up with and the end product will be a success. There are many video game stories which could lend itself to film, and hopefully Assassin's Creed starts a video game trend for movies. 

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