Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Mummy Teaser Teaser Trailer - Are These Really Necessary?

Trailers for Trailers have become more and more frequent over the past few years. The latest in the trend is for the first Universal Pictures Monster Universe - The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wells, and Russel Crowe. 

I'm not a big fan of these little short announcement trailer trailers, but this one has me intrigued and it got me excited to see the trailer on Sunday. However, I would have been just as excited for the actual movie if they would have dropped the full teaser trailer today. 

This little short fifteen second clip looks fantastic. It still doesn't make me understand why they wouldn't drop a two minute complete teaser which can be shown in theaters for all of the movies playing this weekend. Maybe since there isn't a big film coming out this weekend the marketing department decided this was the best way to promote the film. If this was the case I'm still not sure why they wouldn't just wait until another movie came out to launch the full trailer. 

Marketing departments for big budget films must see some data which tells them these announcement trailers work for promoting the film. I guess it does let people know when a trailer is going to be released, but a trailer is used to get people hyped for a film. Why do we need something to hype the trailer which is supposed to get us hyped for the actual film?Whenever a trailer is released it's going to to do this, so having the announcement trailer in the end is pointless. 

This was a fun fifteen second bit, but in the end I'm going to forget about it when the full trailer comes out and I get to see more. I don't see the point of these and what the ultimately accomplish for the film. 

What did you think of the teaser for the trailer? Do you like them or think they are pointless comment and let me know. 

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