Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Kingkiller Chronicle Gets a New Producer – Lin-Manuel Miranda!

If you are a fan of fantasy and haven’t read Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle’s books, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Mans Fears, I would highly recommend them. They are some of the best fantasy books I have ever read and have listened to and read them multiple times. If someone asks me for a book recommendation and they are a fan of fantasy these are my first recommendations. The property has been optioned to Lionsgate and a movie and television series are in the works. News dropped last night via a Variety article and confirmed by Pat Rothfuss that Lin-Manuel Miranda had signed on to help produce both the movie and the television show.

If you are a fan of Pat and follow him on any social media you have seen his love affair with Lin-Manuel Miranda and vice versa. They are both massive fans of each other’s work. Lin-Manuel has stated he has read Pat’s books multiple times and they are a staple in his house. Pat for his part has been to see the musical Hamilton and actually gave Miranda a pair of silver pipes after the show (If you have read the books you know the importance of these). To bring him on board to help produce the movie and television show makes perfect sense. Miranda has proven himself as an incredible talent and he apparently will be helping create music for both the movie and show.

As someone who is a massive fan of both the books and Miranda I think this is a perfect fit. Having him write music for Kingkiller Chronicle gets me excited to see what he can create, since music plays such a massive role in the books. I wouldn’t doubt that Miranda pops up as a minor character in the film at the end of the day since he is such a big fan. This also gives me hope that the movie is actually going to happen. With Miranda being so hot right now, after the success from Hamilton, having him attached will help push the project into production.

The Kingkiller chronicle movies could be the next Lord of the Rings for the fantasy genre if done right. It is a very different type of fantasy story from Lord of the Rings, but it’s similar in the intricate world both authors created. Rothfuss populated the books with an expansive world. Each character encountered seems to have a developed backstory and the place they come from a detailed history. It is one of the many reasons why I love the books, along with the interesting characters Rothfuss created. This story still does not guarantee the books will make it into movie production, but it is another great step in the process of getting a live action Tarbean.  

Let me know if you are a fan of the books and if not does Miranda being attached to a movie peak your interest in the books. 

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