Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Disney Buying Netflix? Star Wars Live Action Soon After?

Speculation started to run rampant yesterday as stories popped up about Disney possibly buying Netflix. The House of Mouse is a massive media conglomerates and adding the premier streaming service to its stable of business is probably a smart move. If Netflix is going to get absorbed, which I’m not a huge fan of, Disney is probably the best to get taken over by. Disney and Netflix already seem to have a good partnership with Marvel shows and the recent agreement to release all of the new Disney movies on the streaming service. Disney buying them out is just another logical step.

If this were to happen my mind immediately jumps to Lucasfilm, and if a Star Wars live action streaming show will follow. There have already been rumors about a possible Netflix show for Star Wars, and if Disney were to buy them I would assume it would be a certainty. Disney does own ABC and there isn’t a show on network television yet. There have been rumors about this as well, but I would rather a show go to Netflix. The way Marvel has utilized the streaming service for gritty intense shows gives me hope Lucasfilm would do the same.  I would love to see a live action show about the Old Republic and the rise of the Sith army, or a live action show involving the Hutts and the gangsters of the universe. I’m not sure either is in the cards, but a grittier darker Star Wars story is something a big chunk of the fan base is clamoring for.

The Star Wars universe has just begun to scratch the possibilities for the franchise. I understand some not wanting to water down the product, and thinking more shows and movies takes away some of the luster of Star Wars. One special thing about Star Wars as fans we only had the movies and books and comics. There was a massive buildup and anticipation between the start of each new trilogy. It made each new movie a special event. As a rabid fan I don’t need this extra bit of excitement. I just want more Star Wars in any form as long as the product is stellar. Nothing coming out of Lucasfilm would indicate they would make a bad product. They take their time with everything and a Netflix show would be more of the same.

Who knows if the rumors about Disney acquiring Netflix are true, but if they are I’m hopeful to get more Star Wars. Disney buying Netflix makes business sense, so it isn’t surprising talks are possibly happening. If it does happen hopefully Disney continues to let Netflix operate independently which they seem to do with many of their acquisitions. There are too many great things coming out of Netflix which I wouldn’t want jeopardized, even if it meant not getting more Star Wars.
What do you think? Is this a good movie for Disney, and if so what type of Live Action Star Wars show would you want to see? Comment and let me know. 

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