Monday, November 28, 2016

Reitman Says More Ghostbusters in Development (Highly Doubtful)

Ivan Reitman on a recent podcast titled Mr. Wavvy answered a question about Ghostbusters 2. He stated in his answer: “There’s going to be many other Ghostbusters movies, they’re just in development right now.” Which sounds very positive when typed out. However, when listening to the interview he sounded like he was simply trying to end the interview as quickly as possible. It seemed very awkward, and saying things are in development might as well mean nothing is happening at the moment.

I’m not opposed to more Ghostbusters movies, and it makes sense for Reitman to try and keep promoting the brand since he owns the property. I don’t think any Ghostbuster films are in active development. The rebooted film from this year didn’t make enough money for the studio to greenlight a sequel or any future projects. I liked the film, but didn’t love it. I wouldn’t mind continuing the story with the characters introduced if they canned the awkward cameos and focused more on a story. I also wouldn’t mind if they scrapped the entire new universes and started over. Either scenario is probably years from seeing the big screen.

I think Ghostbusters could be a successful franchise. The property is beloved and it could be extended. It was a massive mistake not to make this year’s movie a continuation of the story by having the characters related to or admirers of the original team. This honestly was part of the issue as to why many people didn’t want to see a reboot of the property. Yes, people can still pop in the originals and watch them anytime, but most fans wanted some continuation of that universe. There are of course those who simply hated it because of the all-female cast, but there are many others who fall into the former camp. They just wanted more Ghostbusters, but in a way that honored the originals and kept them around.

Reitman can hope to sell and get other Ghostbuster projects off the ground. I’m sure he has many ideas. Dan Aykroyd has floated numerous over the years which never went anywhere as well. I hope we do eventually get more Ghostbusters, because  it’s a fantastic story and concept. I love both original films (yes even the second) and enjoyed the latest because it was simply more Ghostbusters. Hopefully the studio will eventually let the property come back to the big screen, but it will more than likely be stuck “in development” for many years to come. 

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