Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pacific Rim Maelstrom Started Filming: Should We Be Excited?

John Boyega posted today that he started filming on Pacific Rim Maelstrom. It is the sequel to the first Pacific Rim, which is a film I found extremely enjoyable. Boyega is playing the son of Idris Elba's character from the first movie. The first Pacific Rim is not high cinema art and it had problems with some acting and story, but it delivered on what I wanted to see. Robots fighting Monsters with just enough plot to keep me engaged.

A follow up to the first film wasn't needed, but hey if they are going to make it, I'll go watch. I hope the second provides a more interesting story tighter script and acting. I don't think  Charlie Hunnan is a bad actor, but I'm not sure he was given much to work with in the first movie, and his performance suffered. John Boyega is such a charismatic and fun presence he is an overall better choice for the project. It gives me hope the second film might be more successful and well received than the first.

I'm not overly excited for the second film, but it can still be a ton of fun. With the addition of Boyega it has me interested. Maybe the first few trailers will get me more excited, and have me wanting to go out to the theater on opening night.

Anyone else excited for the second Pacific Rim, or is it more of a wait and see approach? Comment and let me know.

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