Sunday, November 27, 2016

Star Wars Rebels S3E8 The Wynkahthu Job Recap/Review (Spoilers!): Fun, but Still Lacking

Star Wars Rebels with its eighth episode for the third season saw the return of Hondo and Azmorigan who wanted help from the crew of the Ghost. The pirates attacked an Imperial cargo ship and it was caught in atmosphere of a plant. They can’t get to the ship on their own and need the Rebels to help retrieve the cargo. The crew, in return for their help, get to take the proton bombs on the Imperial ship. There is a small bit of a through line in this episode since the crew have been looking for proton bombs. This isn’t much of a connective thread for the season and there could be more to help drive a main story and theme for the show overall.

The Wynkahthu Job isn’t a horrible episode, but to have yet another episode which doesn’t deliver any movement on a major theme or story for the show is disappointing. None of the episodes since the first with Maul have been bad, but they haven’t delivered on any main overall arch. There hasn’t been one single episode which hasn’t been enjoyable to watch for one reason or another, but the show doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Many of these episodes have introduced new characters, but then are quickly forgotten in the next episode. Take the supply droid we met at the end of last season. He popped up in this episode to help with information about the Imperial ship. However, why is this the first we have seen of him since the episode he was introduced? He just happened to tag along on this mission? He should have been integrated with the crew of the Ghost since his introduction, so his reappearance doesn’t seem so random.

There should be more of a through line with all of the characters introduced. I had thought we might get a story arch involving the Mandalorians and how the Rebels could help gain their support. Instead the episode was another one off and it didn’t carry on after Fenn Rau agreed to join the Rebellion. The show will probably go back to his character, but carrying his story forward after the episode involving him would have increased the shows momentum. There is no movement for the show because of its lack of overall focus. Having a few more stories to tie everything together would help drive the show forward. This has a point of mine through the last two or three episodes, but each individual episode on their own have been enjoyable to watch.

Maybe the expectation should be the show isn’t going to have a connected story and each episode is going to be a minor adventure with characters popping in and out. I could get behind this, if they wouldn’t have characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Maul lurking in the background as major threats with major story implications. They have peppered in Thrawn, but not enough to showcase what his overall plan will be to engage the Rebels. With each episode being fun to watch, but not delivering in overall story the season has been a slight disappointment.

This episode delivered on showcasing fun characters in Hondo and Azmorigan. There humor was a little childish for my taste, but the show is aimed at children so that isn’t a knock on the episode overall. The callback joke with Ezra cutting the hole in the door was well done and plausible for the mission they were on. It was nice to see Zeb get more screen time in the episode since he has been a minor character for most of the season to date. He would be a candidate for one of the first to be killed off. Maybe they will up the stakes for the season at the break by having one of the crew members meet an untimely end. Overall this episode was fun to watch, but lacked the substance many fans are starting to expect from the show.

What did you think of the episode overall? Should we lower our expectations for the show and just realize there is never going to be an overall story thread? Comment and let me know. 

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