Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dunkirk - Trailer Review/Discussion: Stunning

There are very few directors who can garner excitement just by attaching themselves to a project. Christopher Nolan has earned the right with all of the movies he has made over the past fifteen years.  He hasn't had a miss, and adding a World War Two film to his filmography is exciting. 

Dunkirk is a moment in history which should be explored, and Nolan is a perfect fit to create a movie around the event. The trailer is simply stunning. The shots and mood are immediately set from the brief moments seen in the short two minutes. The trailer itself is a small piece of art, and is well constructed to show off how emotional the film will be. 

As a history nutt the historical event of Dunkirk is a moment during World War Two which has intrigued me. It can be seen as a major turning g point in the war, and is one of the first blunders made by Germans. They could have wiped out the Allied resistance, but instead allowed soldiers to escape and eventually be part of the invading force for D-Day four years later. 

I can only imagine the emotional resonance the film is going to provide when every available ship from commercial and personal came to the soldiers aide. It's a story made for cinema and I'm surprised no one has tried before. I'm glad Nolan is getting the first shot, and this film is high on my most anticipated films to come out next year. 

What did you think of the trailer? Comment and let me know. 

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