Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Series Teaser | DuckTales | Disney XD - Excited!

There are not many cartoons which I loved more when I was a kid than Ducktales. I would come home from school and it would be a show I couldn't miss. There were very few of those, and it is the only show I have sought out to own on DVD. If they came out with Blu-Ray's for the show I would upgrade to them. 

Last year's announcement of a new Ducktales series left me a little giddy. I still pop in the originals and watch, and I'm excited to see the reimagined vision of the classic cartoon. It probably won't live up to my nostalgic love of the original, but it is something I can watch with my two boys. I just hope they include Gizmoduck. 

The announcement trailer shows absolutely nothing, but it is still enough just to hear the theme song play and to see the title to come out. The teaser announcement trailers show more than this, but it still gets me excited for the new show, whenever it comes out. 

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