Thursday, December 8, 2016

Baywatch Trailer Review/Discussion – Did It Try Too Hard?

A new DuckTales series is starting and there is a Baywatch Movie. Did I go back late 80’s?

The Baywatch trailer dropped, and I was honestly looking forward to watching it. I was never a massive fan of the television show, because it was silly, but any boy who was 8-12 years old during the shows heyday watched some episodes for obvious reasons.  I was excited when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson signed on for a comedy remake of the series. The trailer today shows the movie is trying for the 21 Jump Street model by remaking an old television show and turning it into a farce. Baywatch, to begin with, was a ridiculous premise for a show, and was mainly to watch pretty people run in slow motion on the beach. Which the trailer happily makes fun of.

The trailer for Baywatch tried a little too hard to make sure everyone knew it was a comedy. The first line spoken in the trailer to The Rock is a little cheesy and over the top, but it’s the tone they are shooting for. I’m sure the scene will play better in context with the film but probably shouldn’t have been the opening line of the trailer. There are jokes which didn’t work in the trailer, but again it could be because they are out of context in the film. There are other jokes which had me laughing out loud. The last joke with the African American cop had me laughing both times I watched the trailer.

I don’t know if Baywatch is going to be a good comedy film, but the trailer didn’t completely turn me off. It looks like they are shooting for an over the top silly action comedy, which is exactly the type of tone the movie should shoot for. Who knows if the jokes and action will play well, but having The Rock attached to the project gives me hope the movie will turn out great. This is a movie he really wanted to do, and I’m intrigued to see how if he can pull it off. From all of the set photos and interviews from the cast it looked like everyone was having fun on set. This doesn’t mean the movie is going to be good, but if people are having fun and are passionate about a project then it has more of a shot than when people are just going through motions for a paycheck.

The movie has the cast to be a success. They put Zac Efron in the perfect role to succeed, and Alexandra Daddario is both a very talented actress and extremely stunning. the question is if the director from Horrible Bosses can execute a funny film. I didn’t hate that film, but I didn’t love it either. Regardless I’m going to be seeing this film in the theaters just for a little bit of nostalgia and the hopes it makes me laugh. I’m excited for it, and while the trailer wasn’t the best, it wasn’t a dumpster fire either. Comment and let me know what you thought of the trailer. Like, Share, Subscribe and all that fun stuff. 

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