Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carrie Fisher – A Tribute

The world lost a legend in Carrie Fisher. Not just for her acting talent, but for her incredible personality and light she brought to the world. She was an incredible writer who polished numerous scripts and wrote some truly inspirational novels about her own life and struggles. She seemed an open book and lived life to fullest amount possible. I would stop and watch anytime I saw an interview with her and she was one of the best follows on social media. She was an entertainer and a truly inspirational one. It’s a little silly to be affected by a loss of someone you have never met, but 
I’ve watched Carrie Fisher perform so many times as Princess Leia she became a small part of my life. While that is a tad silly, it is the sentiment me and many others around the world feel today with the loss of a truly remarkable women.

For many, including myself the films of Star Wars have become something more than simply movies. A piece of this mythos was lost to time today, and while we can always revisit her on screen it will now always be tinged with a pang of sadness for the light which was snuffed out too quickly. In today’s age, 60 is still too young to be lost. She should have had twenty more years to shine her light on the world. She won’t get to know her eventual Grandchildren nor spend time with her daughter, and this is the true tragedy. I feel for their loss and while it is a simple platitude my thoughts are with them, as are countless millions of others around the world. This probably is not a comfort, but it’s the truth.

Carrie Fisher played a character which will be remembered for as long as there are movies and people on this Earth. She should be remembered for the person she actually was, which was more interesting and inspiring than the bad ass snarky Princes she portrayed in Star Wars. I love her for her performance in Star Wars, but I respect, admired, and loved everything she did outside of it even more. She will be missed by me and millions of fans everywhere. I hope she finds peace in death, and if there is any kind of afterlife I’m sure she is making people laugh now that’s she there. 

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