Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Song Choice in Trailers - Are They Even Trying Anymore?

There have been many trailers to come out this year which used weird song choices. xXx: The Return of Xander Cage is the latest using a song completely unrelated to the tone. Star Trek Beyond did this with it's Rihanna trailer and Assassin's Creed never seemed to know what type of song choice to use to nail down the tone it was shooting for. Warcraft preceded the other video game based movie with a weird song choice. 

Trailers for films are using big name artists to try and drive up awareness for their movies, but at the expense of telling the audience what type of story the film will tell. Song choice in trailers is important and can add to what type of tone the movie is going to set. Take Logan for example. There is no better song choice for a trailer this year than using Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt. It perfectly highlighted the dystopian future the movie is set in. It set the tone for the entire trailer and lets the audience know what type of film it's going to be. 

Having random artists promote their new song on a trailer is a detriment to the film. If they want to use a new song it should fit the tone of the story the film is trying to tell. Warcraft and Assassin's Creed should both have used instrumental scores to promote their films, but instead used pop songs or weird dubstep.  I hate to see marketing departments try and increase awareness by picking a random artist which they think will get views on a trailer instead of what makes the most sense for the film.

Maybe this is just the natural evolution in movie promotion, but I hope trailers like Logan and others continue to try and pick songs and music which highlight the films tone. Maybe it goes hand in hand with how good the film will be as well, but that wasn't the case for Star Trek. 

Comment and let me know your thoughts on trailers and their song choice.  

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